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Bits in Bio hosts regular meetups, hackathons, Q&As, and more! Some events are online-only, while others are in person. Make sure to add our calendar to be kept up to date on the latest happenings in the community.

"The only community today with the imminent vibes of the Homebrew Computer Club is Bits in Bio."

Brandon White

"Worth the 7 hour drive."

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You write code in Biotech

Developers who have DNA in their DNA

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Biocurious coders who are eager to learn

You work at the bench, but are excited by software

The nervous system doesn't make you nervous

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We have a great group of people from a range of backgrounds who all share a common interest in using software to push forward science. Here's what our community needs to grow.

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Bits in Bio is really all about the community. Whether you’re already at the intersection of software and biotech or want to learn more about how these two fields interact, Bits in Bio is the place for you. Join us on Slack, watch an educational video, or come to a meetup!

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